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Shoppers Guide/Frequently Asked Questions
What is Granite?

Granite is natural substance mined all over the world. It is a course grained crystalline igneous rock composed of primarily quartz and feldspar, formed when molten rock cools deep inside the earth. Granite is available in hundreds of patterns and various colors. Most of granite used for the counter top fabrication is imported from countries like India, Brazil, Italy and China. With granite being a natural product, each kitchen will have a look with possible pattern or color variation through out the slab.

Features of Granite:

Naturally beautiful with unique pattern and color

Heat Resistant Scratch Resistant

Stain Resistant with proper care and sealing

Usually adds value to the home

Choosing a Stone and Color:

Granite is available in various colors, visual patterns and including stone with alot of "movement" and key issue is the personal taste. There is a large scale variation in the color and pattern. By far the most common popular colors are Golds/ Yellows, Black, dark Green, Brown, Reds. Black Granite like Absolute Black and Black Galaxy, Greens like Uba Tuba (Labrador Green), Verde Butterfly, Tropical Green, Browns like Tan Brown, Baltic Brown and gold colors like Madura Gold and Golden Oak are very popular and also very dense materials. Some of the very exotic stones with lots of veins and dramatic movement are sometimes, fragile and may be less forgiving.

Please bring along the samples of your cabinets, tile or any other helpful interior pieces that will help you select the stone for your home. Also come with a simple drawing with measurements of your kitchen so we can estimate your project on the spot. During your visit to our show room we will show you our samples of various granite colors. If you need more selection we encourage you to visit one of the stone importers/wholesalers who are located close by that makes your selection easier.

How do you select your countertop fabricator?

This is not very easy because the industry, though very old, is still very fragmented and not standardized. There are alot of granite companies in the market selling granite countertops that are no more than referral services in that they simply find a customer and refer them to a fabricator for a commission. At Gothic Marble & Granite, you can walk into our show room and also watch our state-of-the-art fabrication facility, located behind our show room.

What about the Big Box Home Improvement stores?

Customers often have an opinion that Big Box Chain stores are experts in the fabrication and are cheaper than independent granite fabricators. Unfortunately this is not true. Most of the Big Box Home Improvement and Hardware Chain stores do not fabricate or install your counter tops. They usually subcontract the work out to other fabricators.

At Gothic Marble & Granite, your granite countertops are competitively priced and this is the best bet for fair prices for the comparable quality,as there are no middle-men, each sharing a piece of pie and you know exactly who you are dealing with and who is accountable from start to finish. Make sure you visit potential fabricator and look at their operation. We can't stress this enough. Some fabricators literally operate out of a garage and build countertops in your driveway but you can't tell that form the flashy advertisements in the Newspaper.

At Gothic Marble & Granite, we encourage you to visit our showroom and state-of the-art fabrication facility, centrally located on 43 Aircraft Rd in Southington, CT. We have even provided a safe viewing area from which you can watch the countertops production.

Granite Care:

Please use the following information for a long lasting beautiful granite tops. The natural stone you have purchased for your home or office is an investment that will give you many years of beautiful service. Stone is a natural product and simple care and maintenance will keep it looking beautiful for a long time. Probably the biggest fear people have of natural stone is its maintenance. Truthfully, natural stone requires about the same level of care and maintenance as any countertop or floor, and certainly no more than natural wood products like tables and countertops. The best care you can give your natural stone is preventive care. Preventing stains or scratching before they happen is far easier than getting rid of them after the fact. ----

About Sealing the Granite Countertops:

One might argue that granite is a highly polished stone, but the fact of the matter is that it is still a porous material and those pores need to be kept sealed. When sealing granite countertops, the pores in the stone or the spaces between the crystals that make up the surface of the stone are filled with a sealant with no trace of the sealant on the outer surface. This is different from sealing wooden floors or non granite countertop surfaces, where a protective coat is added to the outside. Sealing granite counter tops help resist stains and keep its shine. Often moisture or various liquids seep into these pores and stain the surface. Sealing them prevents this seepage and staining. However, a sealant does not protect the stone from physical damage.

At Gothic Marble & Granite, we seal all our countertops soon after farbrication, and once again at the time of installation without any additional cost to the customer. We recommend the customer to seal their granite tops once a year at least. Sealing granite countertops is a relatively easy job and no special skill or knowledge is required to apply the sealants. If you wish, you can always call Gothic Marble & Granite for help. We stock the sealants and other granite care materials for the customer convenience.

Simple things to remember about your granite countertop care:

Avoid exposing your stone to oils, citric acids, oven cleaners, nail polish remover and other cleaners containing acids, for long periods of time.

If contact does occur, rinse off immediately with water.

Don't use vinegar, lemon juice or other cleaners containing acids.

Don't use cleaners that contain acid such as bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners or tub & tile cleaners.

Don't use abrasive cleaners such as dry cleansers or soft cleansers.

Do not drop or pound heavy or sharp items on surfaces.

Do not cut directly on tops with knives or other tools.

Avoid putting hot items on your tops. This may burn out your sealer.

Reseal counter surfaces as preventative maintenance as per fabricators advice.

Do dust surfaces frequently and clean surfaces with mild soap and water.

Do blot up spills immediately.

Finally never mix bleach and ammonia; this combination creates a toxic and lethal gas.

What to do before we measure your countertops?

To place an order with our company, we require you to have the following steps complete in your home: Cabinets need to be installed,all of the appliances in the kitchen need to be on location,includes the stove, dishwasher, fridge etc. The sink needs to be on location so that we may take it back to the shop and use it as a template for the sink cutout. If you have a current countertop on your cabinets, please make sure it is removed and the sink and cooktop are detached before we come out and template. We do remove old countertops for an extra fee, but we do not specialize in plumbing and electricity. Once the above requirements are satisfied,give us a call and we would come to your home to template your kitchen. Our installers will provide you with any technical information and will work with you to make sure all the specs and technical details are taken care of. We need a decision-making person to be present at the time of templating.