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Promotional Colors

Visit our Promotional Colors page to find out which slabs we have on special. You will find both granite and quartz options. Slab availability will be limited and is on a first come, first served basis.

Getting An Estimate

Click here to learn how our pricing works and what information is required in order to get the most accurate quote.

List of Suppliers

Although we do have many slabs to choose from in our yard, our space is too limited to stock all of the possible slab combinations. We purchase our material from the finest distributors in the area and you do have the option to view their live inventory online and in person. On this page, you will find the contact information for the stone wholesalers that are located within the state of Connecticut. Click here to view the supplier information.

Leave Us A Review

The majority of work that our company receives is a result of word-of-mouth. Please click here to be redirected to our Google review page. There, you will be able to read past reviews or leave a new one.