If you are shopping for countertops then you will undoubtedly see pricing advertised on a per square foot basis. What does this mean exactly? Let us take a look at one of the big box store’s square footage price.

A popular marble, called Brown Fantasy, is advertised as $65.00 per square foot. If you have a 35 square foot kitchen, then common sense would lead you to believe that your total cost would be $2,275.00, correct? Well, that’s not always the case — if you take a closer look..

The total cost is the “base cost” of $2,275.00 plus:

1 angled inside corner
1 undermount sink cutout
1 undermount sink
3 faucet holes
1 cooktop cutout
existing countertop removal


Once you include the additional costs, then the out-the-door cost totals $3,345.00. The advertised $65.00 per square foot quickly turns into over $95.00 per square foot. Now, when you really think about it — this does make sense. It is not possible to price custom kitchen countertops simply by square footage because there exist too many types of designs. Therefore, we find it more accurate to compare out-the-door costs as opposed to square footage pricing.

Here is what we need from you in order to give you an honest estimate

  • Countertop Dimensions
    • This will allow us to discuss material requirements, overhangs, and seam locations.
    • Measuring countertops for a price is fairly simple — you will find examples below.
    • If you prefer an in-home estimate, then we will be more than happy to come to your home at no charge.
  • Color selection
    • This will have the largest effect on price. Both natural stone as well as quartz slabs vary widely in cost.
  • Finished edges
    • Are you looking for a simple or decorative design?
  • Sink cutouts
    • Is it a drop-in, undermount, or farm sink?
  • Cooktop cutouts
    • Will your kitchen have a slide-in range or will it require a cooktop cutout?
  • Backsplash
    • Do you need a matching backsplash? Will it be 4 inches in height or will it go fully up the wall?
  • Countertop removal
    • Will you need us to remove the existing countertops? If yes, what type of material is it?

At first glance, this will look a lot more complicated than pricing by the square foot, however, the extra effort is worth it as this truly is the best way to get an accurate quote for your project.